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From The Desk Of Pete Bruckshaw

What is The Auction Arbitrage Secret?
It takes 50 seconds for me to tell you about it and 10 seconds for you to get it. Once you understand The Auction Arbitrage Secret the rest is cake.  But this isn’t the kind of information you can find in a quick search on Google. You'll get it in my multimedia epackage - and nowhere else. What you'll also need is a money niche. That’s why The Auction Arbitrage Secret includes the

Easy Niche Finding Guide
I’ll provide you with full details of the niche I make money in with The Auction Arbitrage Secret. It’s a niche in which I routinely get 20 to 70 watchers on each auction. I buy and sell products that hobbyists want and professionals need. These products are not for the casual user. They’re for people who demand excellence and are willing to pay top dollar for it. And they’re high value products. Why sell a bunch of products for pennies when you can make over $100 per sale per product?

Not only that, I’ll give you five niches with similar - maybe even greater - profit building potential and best of all tell you how to use your own knowledge to find yet more niches to profit from. You’ll also get

The One Word Money Making Method
I saved $55 on the price of a latest generation iPod with this brain dead simple strategy. This strategy works in most high demand product niches! It’s yours when you buy The Auction Arbitrage Secret.

Why listen to me?
I've been trading profitably on eBay since 2004 and I've got six successful eBay accounts. My longest running account is on target for 2000 plus positive feedback in 2011 and I'm an eBay business seller. I don't tell you all this to boast. I want to show you that I am a genuine, successful eBay trader.

Mostly you'll see sales for my canvas art prints (my main interest). You'll see proof of my eBay arbitrage successes in The Auction Arbitrage Secret.

Here's what the experts are saying:


"The most complete eBay arbitrage system yet. Pete's the real deal with the eBay experience to back up his claims. Several unique niche ideas with a proven track record and plenty of examples. A must have for those looking for 'low hanging fruit' profitable eBay inventory."
Jim Cockrum
20 Ways To Make Money Now On The Internet by Jim Cockrum &
Stuart Turnbull
recommends The Auction Arbitrage Secret.


"I must get at least three emails a week from my readers who want to do eBay Arbitrage. Now I have someplace to send them. I'm really pleased that you have developed a whole new strategy and a bunch of profitable tactics to go with it. In short - this rocks! Best of all you include instructional videos and interviews with other top arbitrage experts. It really adds value to the product. I will be recommending this to my readers."
Skip McGrath


"I thought I knew everything about eBay Arbitrage, having written and published my own eBook which explains how to find misspelled eBay items to relist for profit. But Pete's guide opened my eyes to a completely new technique for finding items and reselling for a profit. Whilst his method does take a little more effort than searching for misspelled items on eBay that's a good thing because it means less competition, which means higher profits!"
Philip Lee


"I have to say I've bought a lot of "Auction Arbitrage eBay products": this is by far the best one I've ever come across. It's perfectly laid out and easy to follow. It's obvious that much time and effort has gone into making this a complete guide. The videos are easy to understand and helpful. They get to the point without fluff. Many thanks Pete for writing this. Highly recommended by a fellow eBayer."
Yasser Elnahas


"The best eBay Arbitrage manuals focus on proven strategies that the author actually uses and then cover them in intense detail so the reader can get the same results. Pete's manual is a great example of this. A tactic I really like in there is where you actually "broker" successful auctions between the seller and buyer. You DON'T have to physically handle the products and you can make a handsome profit through this very efficient method as well!"
Don Hoppe Jr.

john- thornhill

"This is a genuinely original take on eBay Arbitrage. Apply this to a well chosen niche of your own, follow the instructions you'll find in The Auction Arbitrage Secret and you can duplicate - or surpass - the success documented here. Great work Pete!"
John Thornhill

I ’m sure your head’s already full of questions about The Auction Arbitrage Secret. Questions like

  • Won’t I have to live where I’m advertising in to make it work?
  • Won't I have to personally handle the products?
  • Won't I have to check and maintain them?

The answer to all three questions is... no!

That answer shocks most people. But the plain fact is that this works from anywhere in the world. By far the best deals I have done are for products that I have never seen. The ‘hands off’ approach I teach works best. In fact, most of my eBay trades have been done on eBay’s UK site whilst I’ve been living abroad!

However as I discovered early on — it's not all gravy. eBay Arbitrage has to be done properly from the start. I know because I made mistakes. Here's one:

I had worked in goods departments before. The first rule in goods in/outwards is: double check the goods when they come in and when they go out.

It turns out that for Auction Arbitrage, this approach is wrong.

On average 25% of the fully functioning products I sold reached my customers

Just plain NOT WORKING!

When you're dealing with high quality products and trying your best to look after your customers, believe me: one in four returns is heartbreaking.

This is the point where I tell you that I almost gave up - right? No. I DID give up! Hell, who wouldn't? But I knew first hand about the great profit margin potential in these products. So I returned to them, determined to make eBay Arbitrage work this time.

The result? A lot of happy customers and more high profits for me than ever. In fact...

For the last six months there have been

0% returns 

Follow my example and the same unbeatable levels of contented customers can be yours too. But don't try it without The Auction Arbitrage Secret. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - as you've just learnt, I know that one from experience!

How I profited from using The Auction Arbitrage Secret - and nothing else!
When I advertise on eBay, I want to make my ad look as good as possible. That means at least two pictures, plenty of detail and an attractively designed ad. But I wanted to prove the true power of The Auction Arbitrage Secret to you and dispense with all the extras.

I found a product for sale on eBay that I'd never heard of before. I Googled the name and I found nothing - except that the manufacturing company shut down in 2001. The eBay seller seemed intelligent, the listing was good but it was also a prime opportunity to use The Auction Arbitrage Secret. I bid and won the product. I put his listing in my own words and relisted the item – all within five minutes.

The end result was nothing to be proud of - in fact it was something a twelve year old could easily have put together. But I still made $83 on that auction! You'll find the full story with proof in The Auction Arbitrage Secret.

Why make $3 on an arbitrage deal when you can make $300?
I have bought and resold laptops, jewellery, MP3 Players and other items on eBay. My profit has ranged from $20 to $70, a fairly standard eBay arbitrage profit. In contrast I routinely make $100 to $300 on each niche item that I sell for exactly the same effort. So can you.

List building the right way with eBay Arbitrage
If you know anything about Internet Marketing, you’ll have heard the expression, “The money’s in the list”. Auction Arbitrage is ideal for building a quality list of prospects and customers. I’ve found eBay to be the cheapest and best way to get targeted traffic. And once you get all that traffic you’ll want to keep some of it! I’ll guide you through my smart list building eBay strategies. They’re fully compatible with eBay’s 2011 rules.

Realising your Arbitrage Dream Deal
After a few months I hit upon the ideal eBay Arbitrage deal. The auction I first spotted ticked all the right boxes; all the mistakes I look for in a badly listed auction were there. Better than that, it turned out to be for bankrupt stock - multiple items were available. I made $82 on the first item. I bought more from the same seller until I'd bought over 100 items from him, making between $70 and $150 on each product! There are poorly listed items like this right now on eBay. You'll see proof in The Auction Arbitrage Secret, and I'll help you to make your Arbitrage Dream Deal a reality.

What you’ll get in The Auction Arbitrage Secret

A Multimedia E-Learning Package
The Auction Arbitrage Secret isn't just another ebook. It's presented to you as

So whatever works best for you: reading, listening or viewing - we've got you covered with The Auction Arbitrage Secret.

Step by step real life proof
of my arbitrage deals and how to copy my strategies.

Find results fast with my Arbitrage Smart Search System
There are only five eBay searches that I run for these products — once you've set up your searches you won't even need to lift a finger to search for them. I’ll show you how to adapt this method to the niche of your choice. Work smart not hard and get eBay to search for you!

Find the true value of a product in an instant!
Use my advanced but simple-once-you-get-it Smart Search techniques to find the real worth of an item — regardless of what it sells on eBay for.

No hassle email templates
that you simply copy and paste. Just change the names and dates as appropriate to you.

Your own Feedback Maximizer
You can start with zero feedback from a brand new account!  If you have an up and running account all the better. My Feedback Maximizer will show you how to get and maintain a great feedback score. Simply set it and forget it.

And that's not all!

Bonus interviews to add to your arbitrage armory
I want to give you the best chance to profit from eBay Arbitrage. So you'll get a rare chance to eavesdrop on interviews I've done with Terry Gibbs, Don Hoppe Jr. and James J. Jones. They shared their proven eBay Arbitrage and internet marketing expertise with me - now you can benefit from their advice too.

You'll also get these great bonus reports
Avril Harper's Arbitrage
James J Jones The Spelling Bee
Top tips from two arbitrage experts.

And there's more. This product includes...


OK Pete, I’m sold! But I still need to know The Auction Arbitrage Secret!
It’s what you get along with all my other must have eBay Arbitrage information when you buy this product. But the fact that you're still reading shows you're serious about making big money on eBay, so here's a clue to The Auction Arbitrage Secret: when you see an auction title, how do you instantly know you can resell it for a big fat profit?

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